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Specialized in the cultivation of olive trees we can also boast a large collection of palm trees, Mediterranean plants and ornamental shrubs.


Mediterranean Plants

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Mediterranean Plants

The Mediterranean plants represent an important heritage of the territory because they tell its peculiarities and, together, they compose the great mosaic of nature.
They are evergreen plants characteristic of the Mediterranean climate: trees, shrubs and evergreen suffrutians that grow spontaneously along the Mediterranean coast.


The palm is a unique plant in the plant world thanks to its morphological features and the history that characterizes it. It is in fact among the first plants exploited by man for utilitarian purposes and whose first representations date back to the 6th millennium BC The palm tree, for centuries a symbol of immortality and victory for the Romans and for the Greeks, is present in many species depending of the area of cultivation and diffusion.
It is a plant that can be used in different types of spaces and green; it is used above all in historic gardens, in botanical gardens, in urban parks, in rural or seaside areas.


Ornamental shrubs

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Ornamental Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs capable of giving color and liveliness throughout the year. They differ from the trees because they produce a tangle of branches from the base and this gives them an important ornamental value thanks to the huge variety of shapes, colors, foliage and perfumes. Shrubs can be small, medium and large. The little ones have heights ranging from 100 to 180 cm; the mids reach a maximum of 3 meters; the big ones go from 3 meters to 6 meters. In the large nursery of Vivai d'Adda you can find many species of shrubs, from Ficus nitida and retusa to Melia azedarach originating in Eastern countries, through Jacaranda, Macrobonsai, Parkinsonia aculeata, Schinus molle and Tipuana tipu.

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